Red Shirt Fridays Previews!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Is Operation Uplink?

100% of the profits made from Red Shirt Friday items will be donated towards Operation Uplink.  This real life organization works to provide inexpensive calls home for deployed and wounded military personel. 

VFW Operation Uplink™ was launched in 1996 to connect active-duty troops and hospitalized veterans with their loved ones. The program uses contributions from supporters to purchase phone time for the men and women who are serving -- or have served -- this great nation, as well as hospitalized veterans.

Operation Uplink is able to provide these phone calls at US$ just 4 cents per minute. That's only 60 cents for a 15 minute phone call for an active-duty troop to be able to call home to a loved one. In L$, that would mean just L$10 for one minute or L$155 for a 15 minute call home. So, every donation definately makes a huge difference. The vendors banding together to offer Red Shirt Friday items support our troops and supports the VFW Operation Uplink™ to help our active-duty troops be able to make a phone call home to a loved one.

Initially, VFW Operation Uplink exclusively distributed phone cards. In 2006, in response to growing demand, VFW began hosting “Free Call Days.” Now, every month of the year, troops can call home–at no charge—from Internet cafes throughout Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. Millions of minutes already have been provided!

Traditional phone cards are still being provided at military hospitals and VA facilities, as well as to troops in regions not served by the “Free Call Days.”

For more information reguarding Operation Uplink, please visit the website,